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People-Oriented Plans

Financial planning is about your aspirations — for your life, your family and community, and your goals and objectives..

Communitas partners with clients to create a cohesive and purposeful financial strategy for reaching those life goals. The result might be a detailed financial plan that we help you implement, or a road map you take on your journey forward. And planning is reinforced by periodic monitoring and review to ensure that you are on track.

What we do

Financial planning can involve a wide variety of topics. Together we might:

  • Clearly define your financial goals and objectives
  • Analyze and plan your cash flow and budget
  • Reallocate and rebalance your existing investment portfolios
  • Assess your risk tolerance and design an appropriate investment allocation
  • Optimize your tax strategies
  • Evaluate your estate planning and charitable giving
  • Review and advise on appropriate insurance policies
  • Assess education costs and funding sources
  • Evaluate a real estate purchase, mortgage or refinance transaction
  • Plan financially for new, newer and established LGBT and heterosexual families

How we charge

We charge for planning by the hour. Before you commit to any cost we develop a proposal and fee estimate that includes an upper fee range.

Note that planning fees are separate from fees for asset management services and are based on a percentage of the specifically-identified assets under management.

We are very comfortable working with clients who prefer just hourly planning and do not require that clients also use our investment management services.

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